iStudio was a online fansite for fans of Films and TV Series such as CSI, Doctor Who, Die Hard and James Bond.


The Beginning

The iStudio was frist created on the free website bulider "Piczo",where the idea was to keep the public infromed on Doctor Who and Other TV Shows, however the iStudio closed down when the owner deleted it, in 2010 with the lunch of Piczo's new Direction, the site was reborn on Blogger but the idea didnt fly.

The 4Designs Year's

In 2011 a Business called "4Designs" was created as a project by the oringal owner, however he didnt feel the name was cacthy and renamed it the iStudio, the planned idea along with the iStudio website, never lifted off.

When the owner came to terms with the fact the iStudio could be nothing big, he decieded to bring it back as a fansite, taking over the then standalone Doctor Who fansite Whovian Planet and joining forces with there other website MI6-007.

Again the website closed down.

Back to Basics

In 2012 the iStudio reopened with a new sense of Direction, insted of being a news site it would create fan pages such as Doctor Who, CSI, Sherlock and Flim Series like James Bond and Actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger

Since late 2013, the website has been closed.

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