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The Tardis Base is one of the greatest resources for fast Doctor Who news, with plenty of coverage on the spin-offs Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Including easy navigation to browse a number of pages, a unique design, a back catalogue of interviews with Doctor Who people, the Tardis Base is definitely one of the best sources for all your Who needs, updated daily.

The Beginning[]

Run from Ireland, the Tardis Base was originally hosted on Wordpress (link) back in 2007 and gained 40,000 hits, but has grown in popularity since it's move to Blogspot in 2008, with 250,000 hits as of May 2010. The site has two urls, and


The Tardis Base Homepage is where all the news is posted daily.

Series 5 Page[]

The Series 5 page includes guides for each episode, plus a guide to the series story arc, merchandise and more.

Torchwood Page[]

The Torchwood page has guides covering every episode of Torchwood, including the audio drama's, plus it also has a character guide and a merchandise guide.


The YouTube channel for the Tardis Base has become very popular, uploading clips and trailers for upcoming episodes, it often gets very high on the list of the most viewed channels in our home country, Ireland, with the number 1 spot being taken by the Tardis Base a number of times.

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