Dalektricity is a growing blog with additional static pages, all devoted to everything Dalek.

Dalektricity is written (mainly) by "Mr. Pepperpot".

Content relates to Daleks not only in Doctor Who but equally to their off-screen media appearances in comic strips, annuals, text and audio productions.

The site features a downloads page of links to Dalek related mp3s, wav files, PDFs (etc).

There is a Dalek humour page - "Density of the Daleks"

Currently the Dalektricity site has a rapidly expanding amount of content and is updated periodically.

Sections and on-going posts that either currently appear or are planned for the near future include :

  • Enemies of the Daleks
  • Allies of the Daleks
  • Dalek Technology
  • Dalek Colour Schemes
  • Dalek Miniature Figures (for roleplaying and war games)
  • Dalek Quotes
  • Dalek Cartoons
  • Daleks in Comic Strips
  • The SSS (Space Security Service) featuring Sara Kingdom (and of course the Daleks)

Dalektricity has a companion blog, Cybermantra, which concentrates on (surprise, surprise) the Cybermen.

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